Since 1996 ICC has provided and unbiased evaluation of damaged flooring on behalf Insurers to determine the damaged materials Like, Kind and Quality as a protection for both the Insurance company and their valued Insured.
We are pleased to announce ICC now provides a Roofing and Siding match program!

NEW ICC Mobile App for Roofing and Siding

Complete a non-invasive test on site with your phone and get a report back in as quick as 30 minutes!

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Benefits of the ICC Roofing and Siding match program include:
  • A recognized R&S match solution, if available, from a professional, unbiased third party to assist the Adjuster and Insured to find partial replacement solutions
  • An unbiased matching test solution protects the insured and the Insurance company.
  • An ICC test reduces disputes and improves policyholder satisfaction on partial replacements.
  • ICC R & S Program use demonstrates an initiative to help reduce loss costs on claims save time.
  • Prevent unnecessary full replacements by better managing the process and your service provider with reliable and accurate information.
  • Make claims decisions based on a comprehensive database of current and discontinued R & S products
How do I submit a sample?
  • A roofing (full 3 tabbed shingle) or siding (6-8 inches wide, full height nail to hem) sample can be submitted by an R & S Installer, Restoration Contractor or Adjuster
  • Fill out the online Request Form. Please send Request Form with the samples. You will be invoiced for each matching report ($115.00+ON HST)
  • ICC lab report is returned highlighting the original or best available matching products, if any along with the closest procurement source for the material within four business days.

Roofing and Siding matching Presentation