ICC Insurance claim flooring valuation and replacement program
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Introduction (Flooring Validators and Replacement Services)

The ICC Insurance Claim Flooring Valuation and Replacement Program (ICC) is an independent Canadian national flooring appraisal and replacement service offered to insurance companies.

The ICC service is offered to all Canadian Property Insurance Companies and their Independent Adjusting partners. The program is financially supported by a network of Canadian professional floor covering retailers/members.

Wherever possible, Insurers and their service providers are asked to work with member retailers for any flooring and labour replacement services that may be necessary for their valued clients. Failure to use the replacement services offered by the member network undermines the intent of the program and ultimately the ability to extend this program to participating insurers.

The mission of the ICC Insurance Claim Flooring Validation and Replacement Program is to assist both the Insurer and Insured to fairly and accurately determine the quality of the latter’s damaged flooring and to recommend currently available product alternatives of like, kind and quality. ICC currently evaluates Carpet, Hardwood, Resilient Flooring (vinyl), Laminate and related under pad products. To fairly evaluate the damaged flooring surface, ICC will test the material by:

  • Determining the quality characteristics of an Insured’s existing (damaged) flooring though the application of professional testing procedures.
  • Recommending currently available flooring products that are of like, kind and quality. Based upon the like, kind and quality suggested, offer a recommended fair replacement value for the damaged flooring available through any one of the ICC network members.
  • Replacing, if appropriate, the damaged material through an ICC network member with the recommended like, kind and quality products.
  • Document for audit and re-inspection purposes the replacement material selected by an Insured.
  • The above process is a protection for both the Insured and Insurer

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The process to utilize the ICC validation service is simple:

  • For all floorings requiring replacement, a small (4” x 4”) sample of damaged material is forwarded to ICC together with a completed Validation Form (see Forms section). The sample can be sent to ICC via ICS courier, Canada Post or any other delivery service the sender may use.
  • Within 24 hours of receiving the damaged flooring sample, ICC will complete and then fax or email a copy of a Validation Report to the Insurer and its service providers. The report will detail the existing flooring quality, recommended replacement alternatives and costs highlighting local ICC program member(s).
  • To proceed with replacement, a copy of the Validation Report should be faxed to the selected ICC program member.
  • The ICC program member will present the recommended alternatives to the Insured and then provide a detailed material and installation replacement cost quotation (see Forms section) to the Insurer in accordance with the Validation Report.

Flooring samples can be sent to ICC by Staff Adjusters, Independent Adjusters, Restoration Contractor and ICC program members.

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Re-inspection service

ICC maintains a specification database of most flooring products manufactured in North America.

Insurers should require that all invoices for flooring replacement document the mill/manufacturer, style name, style number and quantity provided.

With this information, ICC can be used as a re-inspection resource.

To request a re-inspection please proceed as follows:

  • Call the ICC Validation Facility
  • Provide your name and company
  • Advise our office of the nature of your inquiry (specification comparison etc…)
  • Be prepared to provide the manufacturer and style name of the product in question and the corresponding ICC Validation Number.
  • The above can also be requested by sending the requested information by fax or email to ICC.

A service fee may be applicable to non-subscribing Insurers, if so, ICC will contact the requestor prior to completing a report.

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Dispute resolution

ICC retains small swatches of each sample forwarded for Validation for a period of two (2) months from date of receipt.

These samples can be accessed for further review should the Adjuster, Independent Adjuster or Restoration Contractor require additional information regarding the original report completed.

To request a review please proceed as follows:

  • Call the ICC Validation Facility.
  • Provide your name and company.
  • Request a review of a particular sample by providing the Validation Number that corresponds to the original Validation Report provided.
  • State the nature of the concerns being raised.
  • ICC will record the above, review and retest the Flooring sample and then contact you.

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